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Orange Bud 20% H4CBD


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⦿ Starting from €2.99 per gram
⦿ 20% H4CBD
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Discover our Orange Bud H4CBD Flowers, an exceptional variety with a high concentration of 20% H4CBD. These flowers offer a unique experience with their spicy and floral fragrance, harmoniously reminiscent of juniper, basil, and thyme notes.

The appearance of our H4CBD Orange Bud Flowers is equally enchanting. Their buds have a delicately velvety texture, adorned with a shimmering layer of trichomes that gives them an attractive shine.

Cultivated with care, our H4CBD Orange Bud Flowers are harvested at maturity to ensure optimal quality. Each flower is then carefully dried and packaged to preserve all the aromatic and beneficial characteristics of the plant.

Whether you are looking to relax, stimulate your creativity, or find inner balance, our H4CBD Orange Bud Flowers are a perfect choice. Enjoy an exceptional floral experience, combining intoxicating fragrances and the soothing properties of H4CBD, for a moment of well-being and sensory pleasure.

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